Israel - 52nd Mount Tabor cross country Running Race
52nd Hakafat Hatavor

Memorial to Palmach and to Itzhak Sadeh, its first commander (1941-1945)
lower Galilee, Israel
Mount Tabor cross country Race & Walk on Friday, April 2, 2004

Most Challenging cross country Race in Israel

Itzhak Sadeh In memory of Aluf (Brigadier General) Itzhak Sadeh (1890-1952), a humanist, a leader, a writer, an educator and the commander of the Palmach units. Sadeh was one of the founders of Zahal (IDF) which led to the independence of the state of Israel.


Hakafat Hatavor is the first running race in Israel (since 1953).

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  • Full Circling Run - 11.8 Km (7.33 US miles)- challenging full circling of Mount Tabor. The elevation level resumes at 80 meters and climbs up to 280 meters, along the first 3 Kms. Expect a second uphill between 10 Km and 11.5 Km. 
  • Walk - 4 Km walk for those the doctor told them to, 11.8 Km as an option.
  • Run - for the youngsters - 2-4 Kilometer run for boys/girls

    Registration - only in advance: please contact or call Shvoong (in Israel) 1-700-700-305 or contact Sport Dept. of Regional Municipal Council of the Lower Galilee, D.N. Lower Galilee 14101, Israel or call (Israel) phone 04-6628200 or by (Israel) fax 04-6628212.
    Overseas registration - the fee is 15 US $ and you may use the web registration form
    For nearby lodging, food, attractions or map, please check lodging, food, attractions, map

    Directions and time: Please take route 65-North to Kfar Tavor (through Afoula). If you are coming from Golani junction, go pass Kaduri youth village (See Map. ) The event starts at 07:45. The 11.8 Km cross country race starts at 08:30. Entrance way and parking lot become crowded at 07:00.

    Winner Time: Please note (and see the photos) that this is the most challenging and mountainous run. 2003 winner is Hayle Satain, with 36:41 minutes. All time record is 36:36 minutes, by the late Gunther Kohl from Germany, 1981.

    Organizers : The Committee of Volunteers for Hakafat Hatavor, Regional Council of Lower Galilee, Hapoel sport organization, I.D.F.

    Lower Galilee Regional Municipal Council
    Regional Council
    of Lower Galilee

  • This site is the first site in Israel of a running race (since 1996).